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Important Discipline Changes for Season 2017-2018

Please note the following changes

  • Automatic sanctions will commence 7 days (currently 14 days) after the date of the game.  A player who is sent off will be suspended 7 days after the date of the game for a minimum of 1 match.
  • The reduction to 7 days for the commencement of automatic sanctions will require County Football Associations to be suitably prepared to hear any Claim of Wrongful Dismissal/Mistaken Identity before the automatic sanction is effective i.e. for a Saturday/Sunday match to hear the claim on Thursday evening or Friday/Saturday so that a decision is made before the match date when the suspension would apply. 
  • Late fees will now be charged at 25% of the outstanding invoice value rather than the set 20 late fee.

CLUB Example

Under the old ruling
A club has 5 cautions at 10 each = invoice for 50
If cautions are not paid, late fee of 5 x 20 applied = 100
Total invoice = 150

Under the new ruling:
A club has 5 cautions at 10 each = invoice for 50
If cautions are not paid, late fee of 25% of invoice is applied = 12.50
Total invoice = 62.50

  • Should the invoice remain unpaid then the player and the club will be suspended.

MINIMUM Mandatory sanction for the following offences will be:

  • Assault on a Match Official - 5 year suspension
  • Improper Conduct against a Match Official including physical contact, violent conduct and threatening and/or abusive language/behaviour - 84 days suspension and a fine of 100.00
  • Improper Conduct against a Match Official including threatening and/or abusive language/behaviour - 56 days or 6 match suspension and a fine of 50.00
  • The threshold for an Appeal to The FA currently set at a sanction in excess of 2 matches and/or 25.00 fine will be removed.  Any sanction imposed by a Disciplinary Commission can be, subject to payment of the appeal fee, appealed to The FA.

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